PodNovaX Console

This is a place of wonder. This is a place of joy. This is where Dreams come to die, and this is where fears come to live. 

This is where Stories come to be told, and where secrets come to be whispered. 

This is where the PodNovaX stories come, and where the secret stories come to be known. 

This is the PodNovaX Console

Welcome everyone, to the ‘fun games’ area of the PodNovaX Network! This area is for the PodNovaX Console – where all of the add-on playable stories for the PodNovaX universe come to exist freely. These are 100% CANNON stories that add on to the growing PodNovaX universe, even if they don’t seem like it. So dive in, enjoy. Have fun with all of the worlds you can visit, and all of the secrets you can learn

The Story Of Things: Fred Chapter (FULL)

Folks, it is finally here. The complete Fred chapter of The Story Of Things, all for your enjoyment. Part 1 is still up, but this is the full game. This is a story of Passwords, and coffee, and paths. This is a story of portals, and others, and auditoriums. This is a story of death and danger at every turn, but this is also a story of One man, and his quest to get through work. And, it is a story of, Things!

The Story Of Things: Fred Chapter (Part 1)

This is the story of things. A story of cult leaders and conspiracies, and secret organizations. It is a story of roads, and mobs, and bridges. It is a story of bears, and homeless people, and Office Cults. But most of all, it is a story of… Things!

One Minute To Live

The world has begun to end. You have one minute. Play. Survive. Or, Most likely, die. Probably going to add more people, but whatevs