PodNovaX Gallery

Hello everyone! This here is the PodNovaX Gallery! A place for all the PodNovaX art! Both original-created, and fan-submitted! And, who knows!

PART 3: 
Hello again! So glad you were able to find this again. Many apoligies that you can't see any of the stunning artwork on this page. Perhaps you would like to listen to the retro, found-audio of the OC PodNovaX Season 1, available on Scratch.mit.edu? Just search up PodNovaX. I'll wait.
Apologies for the sideways image, but I’m sure that either way, this stunning artwork captures the underlying theme of PodNovaX – The Illuminati is always hiding behind the mountains, you just have to break through a easy section of drywall and Spackle to find it.

This amazing fanart was submitted by Kaitlyn
Alright! I hope you can't read this. Well, I hope you can, but if you can't, that's because we fixed the signal! And if you CAN still read this, refresh the page and send me an email at podnovax@gmail.com, with the subject title PodNovaX Gallery Alt Text, and I'll send you a specal minisode, ok? Thanks for sticking with us.
Ok, now this is getting pretty annoying. WHY IS THIS SIDEWAYS? Could it be that i’m writing sideways, and the image is normal? But anyways, this is a stunning PodNovaX LOGO that we may as well use, becuase, why not?
Man, I wish we did this peice of art, because its STUNNING. But no.
This fan art was contributed by Sydney
Ok, now this is getting ridiculous. Why is your internet still down? You know what, HEY! MARK! WHAT'S UP WITH THE CONNECTION? Sorry, Mark's our technology intern.
Logo attempt 1. This thing is 1 of Numbers in the way of Vandalized Paintings. You can see some fun designs in the background, with some spray paint stuff in the foreground
This done by the PodNovaX Art Team (me)
Ok, PART 2:
Well then, looks like you're image loader still isn't working. I'm really sorry for that. Perhaps you might like to listen to some nice, relaxing Hello Sleeping Children, releasing on March 24th?
Another in our series of growing Vandalized art logos. In the process of making the ‘art’ in the background, we found that it it IMPOSSIBLE to make a bad piece of art with the mirror tool.
This done by the PodNovaX Art Team (me)
Hi again! Did you check the PodNovaX Scratch page? If so, and you can't wait for the Season 2 drop, head on over to our PodNovaX PodOMatic page for all of season 1 and 2?
A cool mess around with blueprints, a logo, and the webs function. So that is a cool Idea. I might do that some more. The blueprint idea.
This done by the PodNovaX Art Team (me)
PART 5: 
Ok then, hi again. This must be really awkward. I'm ever so sorry that your internet is still down/unavailable. i don't even know when this would be used. But, sorry for that.
Messing around more with the vandalism style of background logos, but we are sure to not vandalize this. All of this is pristine and pure.
This done by the PodNovaX Art Team (me)
PART 7: 
Ok, ever so sorry for this. The Alt Text's have a character limit, so that's why I'm only giving you small messages. But I'm sorry that this had to happen to you. Just, hold on tight, OK? Mark is TRYING to fix it, or WE'LL BE NEEDING A NEW TECH INTERN, GOT THAT MARK?
Oh Yeah! This one gives you a cool look into the PodNovaX Universe as well as giving a nice class-notes logo style.
This done by the PodNovaX Art Team (me)
Well then. I'm very sorry that you can't see the image. You might have a slow internet connection. Or. you could be blind. But, if you're blind you can't be reading this, now can you? Check all of the Alt texts to create a cool exclusive narrative.
A look at the graffiti style of art, but without the spray paint. A look at blending three different colors to create the central spinning PodNovaX Logo.
This done by the PodNovaX Art Team (me)