PodNovaX Season 1

The whispers of the story of a silent planet. A story whispered deep in the darkness of night. Do you know what you do? Do I? So don’t tell nobody…    
The Whispers During This Auditory Session – Ransom 
A Horror story from the depths of the US…  
Horrified Screams- Ransom
A flood is coming. Can you be saved? 
Prophecies- Ransom
The flood is here. 
Voice- Olivia
It’s Blue Duck Morn! And we have a very special broadcast from a third party on a special broadcast from 
Noah – Noah
James – Cyrus
Time for a story from Alabama. 
Voice Of Mike- Ransom 
Magic- James, our Audio Producer
Enjoy this rich tale from the depths of our minds when it gets weird. 
Episode Created, Nourished, and Subsequently erased from existence by Ransom Duel (also narrated)

This is the future. This is the past. This is The Pieces Part 3
Poems- Ransom Duel
t’s the kickoff game of the season here at the field! Let’s see some of the new and exiting faces this season!
Announcement and Commentary- Ransom Duel
Things are growing…
Mike’s Song- Ransom Duel
More episodes, more mysteries, more screams
Screams- Ransom Duel, Alex Strurges, Noah whatshisface
The Gang gathers together to let flow their artistic creativity, as well as their doctor-recommended depression therapy. Wonder how this will go!
Crying- Ransom Duel, Isabel McCartin, James Osorne, Logan Fisher
It’s time for some therapyyy! But with someone… uniquely qualified.
Mike- Ransom Duel
Entity- Alex Sturges
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This is the final episode of the first season of PodNovaX! Thank you all for supporting the first season. Sorry for the silliness that this episode contains. James, Katlyn, Oliva and I were pretty off-task the days 1 and 2. Olivia is making her new podcast! Walkernews! 
Voices- Ransom Olivia Katlyn James Logan! (Doing trailer + Instigation end conflict) We are here!