PodNovaX Season 2

Welcome back to PodNovaX! Season 2 will have lots and lots more things! We will have a ACTUAL release schedule. Every Friday we will continue to release a new episode. AND, the episodes will now be 20 minutes long. (probably) Apologies for the mix-up with the bonus episodes that we claimed we would make. There was a LOT of mix-up with the episodes, and the files got corrupted, and by then we were already over with our ‘Break Time’ Enjoy this new release schedule! 
Voice- Ransom Duel
A Coffee Shop in our town of Bristol. No one knows what happens in it, and it we go in, and something very, very wrong happens… 
Auditory Hallucinations Courtesy Of Ransom Duel

The new PodNovaX takes a break for three really easy and really bad episodes.
Voices – 
Me, (Ransom), Cyrus, Alex M., Ainsley, and Trayton.
The mystery heats up, and we all have had enough of Ainsley. 
Voices – Me, (Ransom), Cyrus, Alex M., Ainsley, and Trayton.
The Epic Conclusion of Psycoballs! 
Voices – Me (Ransom), Alex M., and Cyrus. (Hey, so might be Trayton and Ainsley)
We Enter the Coffee Shop
Voice – Ransom Duel
I sit down to talk about Everything PodNovaX up to this point.
Voice – Ransom Duel
This… Is us doing something live. I… I think it turned out OK, do you?
Known voices – Ransom Duel, Noah, The Candy Kid 
Hey, suprise! Looks like it’s the two-episode week! This is the second and conclusion to our Party Docudrama series. 
Voices – Ransom Duel, Noah, The Candy Kid
The Conclusion to Season 2 of PodNovaX! Well, technically, no. The’res one more episode after this. But, this is the season 2 finale. Stay tuned!
Known Voices – Ransom Duel, Alex S., and others
(Thanks to Coco)
The REAL conclusion of Season 2! 
We all take a break from what’s been happening to attend a little wedding…
Voices – Ransom Duel, Jilene, Cyrus, Siri