Announcement: The Future Of PodNovaX

Okay, this is a difficult thing for me to write. And before I do, let me just say that all of you have been wonderful and I could never have made it this far without you.

But with everything that has been happening, and with our difficulty of schedules, and with The Spring Season coming up (more on that in a second!), I regret to announce that PodNovaX will be put under indefinite hiatus, starting March 7th.

This is difficult for me as well, but with the Spring Season upon us, and not feeling like we are sufficiently prepared for the following year, we have no choice but to shut down the main feed of PodNovaX for the time being.

But now, I get to tell you the fun part. The Spring Season of shows.
While PodNovaX shall be gone, the PodNovaX Universe shall continue. We have plenty of shows lined up to begin in the next month. They are as follows

  • When The Birds Went Away (Starting March 10)
  • An Utterance From The Void (Starting March 15)

Also be sure to check out a podcast from some great members of the PodNovaX Team, Cyrus and Noah, starting March 28.

Thank you,


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